Gabi Glover

SANITY SAVING SECRETS REVEALED Have a happier, healthier mind

Learn tips, solutions and techniques for better focus and self-care management plus simple, practical ways to feel less tense.

QU: Are you worried about your mental health capability?
QU: Ever wished you had more control over your thoughts?
QU: Would you like to experience feeling calmer?

Whether working from home, furloughed or somewhere in between, the current climate and uncertainty has added pressure. Anxiety, burnout and overwhelm are not uncommon. A lack of sleep together with diminishing concentration levels can leave us feeling confused, fed up or exhausted. This impacts our productivity and efficiency. Subsequently, our wellness, our ability to cope or to bounce back (resilience) have become increasingly challenged. Not a nice place to be!

If you are a functioning adult who is struggling with your peace of mind and wellbeing. Maybe you have tried a few things but are not seeing much improvement. Would like some help boosting your skillset and capability? Then this seminar is for you.

• Teach you – about some of the traps and pitfalls to avoid where your mind is concerned
• Help you – to have more control over your thoughts, feelings and reactions
• Give you – simple and specific ‘how-to’ tips to tackle the overwhelm
• Guide you – through some practical exercises for calming the mind
• Support you – with self-compassion development

About Gabi

Gabi Glover is a wellness and mindset coach and positive change strategist.  All upskilling individuals and developing their resilience. She has worked with thousands of people over the last twelve years helping to improve their ability to deal with ‘C’ words (confidence, courage and calm) whilst increasing productivity together with peace-of-mind. She does this through multiple ways. Sharing positive change and progression strategies, techniques and ideas. All of which use less time, energy and resources than before.

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Gabi Glover
SANITY SAVING SECRETS REVEALED Have a happier, healthier mind