Lisa Artliff

Everything you know about marketing your business and building your brand in our current world, has been thrown out of the window! You have now got to adapt and find ways to make sure your brand stands out from a very crowded a noisy digital marketplace.

Whilst much of the long standing information about being consistent still stands, now is the time to move outside your comfort zone and try new things to help your business survive & thrive during these uncertain times.

I hope to provide you with some inspiration to pave the way for some new ideas and give you the confidence required to try something new and expand your brand to a wider audience.

About Lisa :

My name is Lisa Artliff. I have been in the world of Graphic Design since the age of 16 when I embarked on my first college course at Chesterfield College.

32 years in the Graphic Design world has seen me work for many companies as both a designer and senior designer, as well as a lecturer & Head of school for Art, Design, Fashion and Media at  New College Nottingham.

Starting Artliff Design was born from a passion of combining my many years of studying, lecturing and working in graphic design to provide a service that not only creates the designs but also helps SMEs realise how a consistent, clear & cohesive brand image can have a big Impact on their business and their journey.

My business has now grown into Artliff Design & Printed Limited since it started in 2014 and I am now pleased to say we are helping many businesses achieve results through consistent brand support & advice both digitally and on paper.

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Lisa Artliff
Don't be a Zombie, be a survivor! How to evolve your brand in a post Pandemic world.