Charlotte Nichols

Build, build, build your brand!

Boris Johnson plans to help the country build its way out of the recession, but building isn’t just important for physical infrastructure. At times like this, it’s more important than ever to build your brand and reputation too.

Before building, we need to look back and assess the damage – does your market still exist? If not, how can you adapt and reach new customers?

Once you’ve laid solid foundations, we’ll discuss how you can re-build your brand back-up by embracing new digital PR and marketing strategies to drive your business into the new normal.

About Charlotte:

Founder of Harvey & Hugo, Charlotte Nichols has over 15 years of PR expertise and is dedicated to building lovable and memorable brands, one story at a time. Passionate about the science behind building businesses, Charlotte has worked with global construction companies to unicorn tech companies to help them develop their brand stories. Education is really important to her and she also owns PR and marketing training academy Hugoversity.


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Charlotte Nichols
Build build build your brand!