Alistair McLeod

These are unprecedented times and continued success is dependent on the agility of your people and how flexible your business strategy and planning are. This session will explore the meaning of agility in the context of leading a business and look at how the motivation of your people and the adoption of the right technologies are critical components to long term sustainable success.

About Alistair :

Alistair is passionate about helping his clients achieve their long-term objectives using digital technologies and progressive people centric strategies. He is a digital leader, company director and business owner with 28 years’ experience. He has a unique perspective, having spent the early party of his career working for several blue-chip organisations in software engineering and solutions architecture, and the latter part of his career as a Director of a technology consultancy, and a digital transformation advisor. He was instrumental in helping scale the business in 12 years to 200 people with 3 UK locations, before setting up his own practice

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Seminar Stream 3
Alistair McLeod
Adapting to uncertainty: Building agility through your people, technology, and the right strategy