Our Seminar Speakers

Jason Yearwood

Business Connector
Creating opportunities through building relationships & Networking

Harriet Coppock

Digital Media Specialist
Digital Marketing Masterclass

Gabi Glover

Wellness & Mindset Coach
SANITY SAVING SECRETS REVEALED Have a happier, healthier mind

David Johnson

Google and SEO specialist
Discover how to generate 20x your traffic by using Google

Rafe Parker

Business Leader
What Makes A Good Leader?

Rik Courtney

Social Media Specialist
Be More Social - Social Media Masterclass

Graham Robson

Business Doctor
THE BUSINESS REBOOT WORKSHOP" - an introduction to business recovery and growth planning

Alistair McLeod

Growth Specialist
Adapting to uncertainty: Building agility through your people, technology, and the right strategy

Alex Thompson

Alex's FREE Website Audit Session

Ellie Rees

Social Media Specialist
Using Facebook for lead generation

Ellen Forster

Content specialist
Create Content That Converts: Generate More Inbound Leads from LinkedIn

Tony Douglas

Education Specialist
Vision, Purpose & Brand