Exhibiting at the North East EXPO LIVE couldn't be easier

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About the Event
The event is for all business sectors and will focus its attention on exhibitor booths and dedicated seminars on relevant topics. There’s also a dedicated lounge area that can be used for meet-ups and pre-arranged meetings.
Target Market & Sectors
The event will attract businesses from all sectors including –

– SME’s
– Professional Services
– Hospitality
– Business to Business
– Manufacturing & Engineering
– Retail services
– Start-ups and pre-starts

Connect with Business Professionals
Delegates for the event will include a wide range of professions and job roles including –

– Marketing managers and BDM’s
– Directors and owners
– Senior Decision Makers
– Decision Influencers
– Procurement Managers


Explore the Benefits of Exhibiting

Why Exhibit at the online show ?

Exhibiting at the online event is a great way to reach your target audience and all exhibitor packages include the following features,

Frequently asked questions...

  • Will people visit my stand on the day?

    They will but if you have already secured 15 appointments your booth will show as busy so casual drop-ins will be difficult. If this is the case, you may require additional booths.

  • How will the event be marketed?

    The event will be promoted regionally, and given that it’s online, attendees simply require a PC/Laptop and internet connection to attend.

  • Is the platform easy to use?

    Navigation of the platform is very simple even for technophobes. It’s easy to visit exhibitor booths, seminar areas and the networking lounge. Video guides and tours will be sent to exhibitors and delegates detailing all of this information.

  • Is there a setup/demo day prior to event day?

    There will be a full platform demonstration one day in advance of the event day to give an overview of the platform.

  • Do we get notification of people wanting to book appointments?

    Yes it works like a calendar. You get a notification of someone wanting to book an appointment with you, then you will need to confirm or decline, so it adds to your schedule for the day.

  • Can we decline their appointment?

    You can if you feel it’s not relevant or a good fit for your organisation.

  • Can we share our booth with colleagues?

    You can share your booth with other colleagues but only one person from your organisation can be in it at once. The booth is locked via the identity (email) it is setup with so colleagues logging in and out will need to share the same identity to access the booth.

  • Can we send invitations for associates and contacts to meet us online?

    No problem at all, we encourage you to do so and can even provide graphics sized to use on various platforms.

  • Can exhibitors attend seminars?

    You can yes, but keep in mind if you leave your booth to go to a different room on the platform it means your booth is unattended.

  • Can we use the lounge areas?

    You can yes but it’s the same as attending seminars, you are leaving your booth to go to a different room in the platform and leaving your booth temporarily unattended.

  • Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

    There is you can become an event partner and have your own seminar/workshop room to use as you desire.