Jason Yearwood
Creating opportunities through building relationships & networking

In this seminar, Jason, a local leading business networking expert will share with you some of the tips and techniques needed to generate referrals through effective networking.

About Jason :

Having many years of experience both networking and leading a successful business networking franchise.
Coming from a Business Development background and also building a large Network Marketing business Jason enables and leads the large team he has created with his wife Tracey.

Through creating, owning and running a Referral networking franchise and pulling on the years of experience, he is continuously honing his networking skills. Jason has successfully built his business and created a vast amount of financial reward both through direct sales and most importantly through referrals. Jason rightly feels that he can offer other business owners a good insight in Networking and how using his approach could lead you to really gain so much more from your networking activities.

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Jason Yearwood
Creating opportunities through building relationships & Networking