Graham Robson


The Business Reboot Workshop and Toolkit will benefit business owners by guiding them through a 6R process:

Return – How to balance the responsibility on employers between getting their business going, and their duty of care to employees and customers.

Renew – Taking a step back to renew personal aspirations, core purpose, set a vision for the future and build a shared purpose with the team.

Review – Take stock of the world around you. What’s changed? What does it mean for your business? How might you need to adapt?

Refresh – Energising your business model and approach. Listen, learn, and reposition around new opportunities.

Revive – Give new energy and strength to the business. Identify the skills you will need, set out a clear proposition and point of difference. Be clear about what will make you different and make you better as you come out of this.

Re-energised – Time to lead and set a clear direction. Re-energising your business around your new strategy and actions plans.

Key features include:
• A free 1-hour one to one session with a Business Doctor specialist to help you plan for growth
• A FREE structured business planning workbook to help guide business owners through the planning process
• A FREE sales activity planning tool to help you overcome the barriers to building a pipeline
• A FREE downloadable business Planning Implementation/project management tool
• 30-day FREE access to the Business Doctors HR platform
• 30-day FREE access to ‘Pulse’ the all in one real time forecasting and reporting tool to help you stay on track

About Graham:

Graham Robson is one of a growing number of Business Doctors around the UK that help other businesses with hands-on, friendly, practical support, helping their clients develop strategies to achieve growth.

If you own or run a small or medium-sized business and are targeting growth, then business doctors can help you to get your organisation onto the right path to achieve its full potential.


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Graham Robson
THE BUSINESS REBOOT WORKSHOP - an introduction to business recovery and growth planning